August 3, 2017

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JOIN the new world of UP : Adventure time

Announced the worldwide launch of new mobile game, UP : Adventure time, now available exclusively on the Play Store supporting android devices 4.1 and above, App Store supporting iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Up : Adventure time is a highly Simple Endless Runner game with immersive and Innovative Game Play Mechanics. Up : Adventure time brings a unique rope physic based mechanic with enchanting universe to the genre.

From Developers

Days are morning and evening is the start of night butterfly’s butterflies give me your power of wings and take me up in the sky.

UP : Adventure time Game takes you adventurous story between YOU and your friend. “Butterflies” Play as butterflies trying to save your friend from Angry Dragon.

Up : Adventure time is a [F2P] Free to Play Game for Casual Players PG – 3+ [Realised World Wide in 22 Supported Language].


While hanging on the rope.

Tap left thumb to slide towards right.

Tap right thumb to slide towards left.

Press Both thumb to escape the dragon.

It is a reverse mechanic where you Do not care of any situation when Dragon is chasing you UP – UP – UP in the Air.

The Art Style has been set in a Fantasy Land with an Immersive Story Telling.

Explore the game with upcoming Stories Every Week.


Trailer Link :

The apple theory of Newton teaches a lesson to the dear butterflies Gravity is constant = dragon will chase you up in the sky.

Throw Apple on dragon to Revive yourself form same point.

Secret code is in workshop get your weapon and fly up in the sky.


God words have been said, butterflies take me up in the sky.

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UP : Adventure time has released from a very small startup, AARYAVARTA TECHNOLOGIES trying to grow which was got stablished a year back with butch of freelance Indie developers from India.

News :

New Character on the way “Friend of The Elves” – “Alvina “on the way

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