January 10, 2019


Aaryavarta Technologies is known to give shocking workmanship and configuration administrations for diversions, VR and AR applications, recreations and trailers. From storyboarding, idea workmanship to finish resource generation we abundantly take a shot at components like characters, props, conditions, vehicles and vegetation and so on. Our craftsmen and planners likewise chip away at level structure with important in-amusement content reconciliation over every diversion kind and workmanship styles.


Art (Craftsmanship) and Design Services

  • UI/UX Design
  • Pre-Production
  • Animation
  • Asset Production

 Key roles in our Art and Design team

  • UI/UX creators (Designer)

Aaryavarta Technologies  has the absolute best UI/UX fashioners and their work is critical on the grounds that the underlying client communication is through their work. The activity of the UX originator is to make the way of the client through the amusement or application as simple and consistent as could reasonably be expected. Our UI/UX architects give careful consideration to each minor detail to create pixel flawlessness. The plans we create are a la mode and stylish as well as are predictable and fitting.


  • Concept artists  (Idea specialists)

Our craft and configuration process basically depends on crafted by our exceptionally productive idea specialists. They ordinarily draw thoughts for the storyboard, interactivity components like vehicles, characters, props and so forth and resource creation depends on their idea. Our idea craftsmen change one-line portrayals and brief thoughts from our customers into visual portrayal of amusement craftsmanship components.


  • Texture artists ( Surface specialists )

Our surface specialists are the absolute best in the business. They add surfaces to characters, amusement things and situations. It is a direct result of their critical skill with sound learning of point of view, lighting, enhanced visualizations and materials that has empowered us to work crosswise over textural components of the diversion effortlessly. Their work includes in the goals of surfaces and surface pressing which is required for the streamlining of the construct/surface size. Great pipeline learning like PBR, adapted, dark and so on which accomplishes great quality surface yield are a portion of their numerous gifts.

  • Environment artists ( Condition specialists )

Condition specialists at Aaryavarta Technologies are specialists in working with insides, outsides, roadways, scenes and vegetation viewpoints like profound timberlands, rough slopes and props and so forth. When the dimension configuration is done our condition craftsmen move to assemble the amusement scene around the dimension structure. They work to get the distinctive yield styles like 2D, 3D and isometric work in the amusement viably.


  • Lighting  artists (craftsmen)

Lighting craftsmen at  Aaryavarta Technologies  know how vital their job is. Their work includes in making and fittingly incorporating every one of the lights in the amusement levels thinking about the shading, power and falloff with a target of influencing the world to appear to be increasingly reasonable. Our lighting specialists set the temperament of the scene and it is they who deal with static and dynamic lighting necessities. Experience the benefit generation connect to find out about lighting.


  • Impacts artists ( craftsmen)

Our impacts craftsmen work easily on a mix of 2D and 3D apparatuses, lights and molecule instruments and breathing life into any virtual territory. Their work includes making climate impacts, water spills, smoke, gag flashes, steam vents and whatever else required. Impacts specialists at  Aaryavarta Technologies  deal with the arrangement of the general scene. Basic work like dimension and scene advances, character producing and activity groupings all need the aptitude of our belongings specialists regarding their visual portrayal.


  • 3D Modelers

Our 3D modelers make the characters, conditions and articles including living things, view, vegetation, vehicles and so forth. They successfully offset visual detail with the constraints of the diversion’s innovation. Imperative part of considering the poly tally of the models with the goal that they don’t turn out to be overwhelming at the same time keeping the model advanced is crafted by our 3D modelers. Their work protects the diversion feel through their solid information of amusement life structures and work stream.


  • Riggers

Our riggers make a skeleton for a 3D/2D display for it to be vivified. Without an apparatus a character can’t be disfigured and moved around. Joints in apparatus are like the joints of a human and they are the purposes of explanation our riggers use to control the model. Our riggers likewise use Mocap information and Mixamo device to get their base livelinesss right. Riggers at  Aaryavarta Technologies  truly work to get the muscle and item conduct right. Blendshapes are utilized by them to offer articulations to the characters with the end goal that the characters appear to have life.


  • Animator (Illustrators)

Our  Animator(illustrators)  are knowledgeable with a wide range of 2D and 3D movements. In light of need we use casing or spine movement for 2D and for 3D we put activities to the fixed characters and deal with liveliness mixing in the amusement to have smooth changes between the activitys according to the diversion’s story.


Why pick our Art and Design:

  • Experienced UI/UX originators.
  • Capable inventive craftsmen.
  • We are knowledgeable with 2D or 3D craftsmanship pipeline process for a wide range of tasks.
  • Solid hang on story-board and idea craftsmanship.
  • Profoundly imaginative idea specialists.


Why work with us:

  • Worked with going startup to Fortune 500 organizations.
  • As one of the rumored Game Art and Design Development organizations, we’ve made stupendous versatile amusements and applications for iOS, Android and Desktops.
  • A portion of our diversions have 50 million+ downloads.
  • Applications and diversions have been included in Apple and google stores.
  • Our principles are at standard with the best amusement workmanship redistributing organizations in the business.