January 10, 2019

Mobile Game Development Company

As the world has been changing from the traditional way of life towards Digital way of life, so with that we see many things also get change tremendously in our day to day routine. We always adore work but we are always in support of smart work, and through digitization and proper planning for our task we prefer smart work, so to remains constant in this atmosphere we need some boost for our mood which helps us to get motivated and moralized, so the best way to boost our mood and learn new things is playing Games.

Mobile Games are of various types which not only entertain us while playing but also help us to accentuate our knowledge as well. Games play’s a very vital role in boosting our knowledge through its methodology and its rules. Through playing games, we come across many hurdles and obstacles that have been a realistic part of our life, but we become firm determined and optimistic to tackle those muddles and become firm determined to win the situation.

Aaryavarta Technologies provides you with such a games that will assist you to be more focused on your concepts and targets. We are the most leading game company in India which has designed n-number of games for many renowned companies across the world and its continents. Through our prepossessing graphics, designs, elegant framework, and easy to understand texture we have succor clients for game development from USA and others nations to set free their ingenuity with phenomenal Mobile Game Development potentialities.

Leading Mobile Game Development Tools

UNITY-  Unity uses its private and individual features engines and has placed in camera to figure out the Navigation in the world of Mobile Games. It supports the languages platform like C# and Unityscript which resemblance the own language of its javascript. It’s a cross-platform tools implemented and used to many platforms.

Cocos2D–   It is a free source framework that Game Developers can use it. It supports Android and sprite-builder Android Plug-in. for creating projects and providing graphical design atmosphere where anyone can prototype and design a recreation.

Corona SDK  – It is a Software Development Kit that is easily available on Windows and other operating systems and it applied by Lua as a scripting language. It is used to develop free mobile games. It applies the search engine called OpenGL.

Spritekit-   It is Apple’s propriety 2D game Development Framework that helps both Swift and Objective –C Language. Spritekit offers an easy way to Developers. It is designed facile with SKview, scene management. It is available on IOS & OS X. It also supports sounds and voices and develops custom codes.

The Area of Expertise in Mobile Games Development are totally confined in Developing cross platforms supporting game apps whereas we have also applied the other main important tools like Unity3D, Cocos2DX. Aaryavarta has earned a great reputation in the sector of developing Games for mobile, AR, VR, Desktop, and console by providing raft approach to Mobile Game Development tools and support for the latest technologies. We have developed games for Blackberry, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Tablet devices etc.