January 10, 2019


The ability to run JavaScript both on client as well as server exponentially, NodeJS is the application which is used. It utilizes a single threaded event loop to handle the request. JavaScript was not only used for client-side development before NodeJS & PHP which were highly scalable and used to load intensity in the server up to some extent. Separate developers had to be hired for backend and fronted with the formation of NodeJS, Full stack JavaScript was finally possible. NodeJS is used in mobile development as well as frontend and backend. Aaryavarta mobile game development company is also a node.JS web and mobile app service provider developing the user-friendly application for their clients.

Benefit of using node.js application development is when messages from one user to another user have to transfer node.js plays a vital role to make it very easy. This type of assistant is signified like chat clients, twitter like services and game server. It is highly recommendable as it simulates the event loop for realistic app. Developers can skip modulating syntax differences while synchronizing the node.js and NoSQL database. It works entirely with real-time web apps like JSON memory data which allows it to run hassle free in resemblance and conversion.