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Game Development Company in India..Recently, mobile gaming has gained a great place in terms of revenue sharing. Game consoles/platforms and massive online games have the video game industry dominated for decades but huge with the insurgent’s mobile games, the change is clear, and the change is welcome, especially for players and enthusiastic amateurs.
Revenue forecast of mobile gaming studio is expected that since 2013 was the leader to grow in the sector to $ 45 billion in 2018. Asia, and expects the industry to lead to 50% of total revenue up. Analyst Vincent van Deelen industry, said: “This is not the case, are also stressed that the latest results of the individual strong companies like Rovio, King, DeNA and GREE profile are not necessarily representative of the situation mobile market as a whole is not. in our interest to swell the numbers of the market, but the harsh reality forces us to adjust our estimates upwards. we maintained until 2017. Every year our growth rate, ultimately leading market share of $ 40 billion to a +. ”

In this sense, the players of mobile games have gained market share than most console games and online gaming companies. In fact, this is good news for game development companies and their shareholders to pay more attention and focus on this growing trend. It is also expected that Android games should be higher in the coming years. However, it is still a fact that to the IOS despite recent massive shock have the kind of freemium games model in more revenue than Google Play raking. But exceeded in a global perspective, shops and Chinese Android applications and games downloads latest iOS income 2014 in North America, Europe and other Asian countries like Japan and South Korea have also in the daring world trend. The reports show that mobile games currently account for almost 40% of total digital revenues games in the country. With more competition, are always small businesses even more creative with the introduction of electronic sports, games multiscreen HTML5 and mobile games, and the latest trend is the growing popularity of downloads Android games for games TV. 7 leading companies in the mobile gaming industry competitive high-quality games to solve more to dominate and not left at the scene.