January 10, 2019

Unity3D Game Development Company

The first version of Unity (1.0.0) was created by co-peers David Helgason, Joachim Ante and Nicholas Francis in Denmark. Unity is a Cross-platform recreation engine designed by unity technologies. Unity is used to create 2 dimensional and 3 Dimensional games and also simulations for enormous platforms.  Many versions have been released since its launch. Unity gives a stand for users to develop both the dimensional games for both unity editors in the form of plugins with the help of engine which offers an initial scripting API in C# within themselves and with the function like Drop and Drag. It was previously supported by Boo which is now removed by unity and placed by latest version Javascript which is also recognized as unityscript as C# was the first language of programming used by the engine. The unity editor is supported on an operating system like Windows and Mac OS. Windows and Mac OS were supported via chrome to browser plugins which were also known Unity Web Player.

Unity gives consent significance of sprites and an advanced 2D world contribution within 2D games. The texture compressions specifications, Mipmaps and resolution settings for each platform that the game engine supports are allowed by Unity for 3D games. Not only it allows but also it provides assistance for Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO), render to texture and full-screen post-processing effects, Parallax Mapping, Reflection Mapping and Bump Mapping. Unity formerly is supported by seven different platforms including its own Web Players.  The Unity engine itself supports building games on twenty-seven different platforms. The platforms are listed as follows, IOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, WebGL, PlayStation, PlayStation Vita, Facebook Game Room, Android Tv, apples AR kit, Samsung Smart Tv, Nintendo Switch, X-Box1, 3DS & Google Cardboard.

Aaryavarta is one of the best leading Game Development Company in India & USA, which have a vast experience of designing and launching very elegant, impressive and entertaining games related to Unity 3D. We have an excellent and astute team of developers who have designed many games in this same platforms based on Action and Adventure. All games are designed with the intention of our user’s need which is executed by impressive and simulating apps with AR and VR experience. We have created products those are accessible to a wide audience to hire a game app on which we develop it on unity 3D.  

Advantages of Development Unity 3D Games with Aaryavarta. 

  • Multi-Platform Support: Aaryavarta provides game Development with Unity3D users to deliver content on over 20+ platform consisting Android, iOS, Facebook and Stream. 
  • Advantageous Development: The most important thing of development by a developer is all about time-consuming which has become more favorable due to comfortable scripting, Systematic APIs and wide set of features like networking, shades to display editor and many more with this complete packages.   
  • Rendering Ability: Aaryavarta provides extreme quality in Unity mobile game development service for phones and tablets and we have been expertise in OpenGL, Core Rendering strategies and taking in consideration of Unity Graphics Libraries and lighting principals innovates Games and Applications, with best-esteemed graphics visuals.
  • VR/AR Solutions: The Unity 3D engine assists creation for crucial VR platforms consisting HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Gear VR etc. And preferable SDKs consists of Vuforia, Void-AR, AR kit, and AR core.