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Facebook helps the game developer to build, grow and monetize your game across multiples screens. More than 800 hundred billion people play games on facebook.com and facebook connected devices monthly. Aaryavarta mobile game development company makes it easy for developers to deliver a substantial connection to its players' experience in facebook. It helps the player to share vast experienced in the game and outside of it, with some excellent way out that allows them to experience the mode of playing the game together. It also helps to share great content about the game onto the user to understand the actual strategy, rules, and regulation regarding the game.

Facebook Game Services We Offer

Facebook Offer a group of similar product and services that are specifically crucial for game developers to build, grow, and monetize their game across multiple screens.


Enhanced and reached your game by delivering people the authentic opportunities to share.

App notification

Busy players with less, free-form messages that call them to action tell them about vital events

Game request

Let players invite their friends to game, send in-game gifts, messages, or allow them to come to know their turn in a multiplayer match.

Measurement for game developers

3. Players are interacting with the game and learning more about the games by integrating on tools and feature like app event.

Live game streaming

It enables players to stream live their gameplay to engage players in a fun and powerful way.

Tools which will help you to set free games whenever your player wants to play

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