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Facebook helps the game developer to build, grow and monetize your game across multiples screens. More than 800 hundred billion people play games on facebook.com and facebook connected devices monthly. Aaryavarta mobile game development company makes it easy for developers to deliver a substantial connection to its players' experience in facebook. It helps the player to share vast experienced in the game and outside of it, with some excellent way out that allows them to experience the mode of playing the game together. It also helps to share great content about the game onto the user to understand the actual strategy, rules, and regulation regarding the game. Facebook Gaming is a game streaming platform. Similar to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming helps users create and follow gaming content under the main Facebook website and app. Facebook Gaming is the ideal place to start if your target market consists of gamers looking to grow and build a solid social media following online. Apart from growing a social media following, Facebook Gaming is ideal for growing one’s reach and showing off their gaming skills.

Facebook Game Services We Offer

Facebook Offer a group of similar product and services that are specifically crucial for game developers to build, grow, and monetize their game across multiple screens.


Enhanced and reached your game by delivering people the authentic opportunities to share. The platform's social features allow players to share their gaming experiences and play together, creating a strong connection between players and the game. This not only enhances the player experience but also helps to increase the reach and visibility of the game, as players can share and recommend it to their friends and followers. By leveraging the power of social sharing, Facebook helps game developers build a thriving community around their game and drive growth and monetization.

App notification

Busy players with less, free-form messages that call them to action tell them about vital events. These messages are concise and easy to understand, allowing players to quickly and easily take action. This helps to keep players engaged and invested in the game, leading to increased retention and monetization. By providing a way for game developers to communicate effectively with their players, Facebook empowers them to build and grow their game in a way that best serves their players' needs.

Game request

Let players invite their friends to game, send in-game gifts, messages, or allow them to come to know their turn in a multiplayer match. This social aspect of the platform enhances the player experience and encourages players to engage with the game and each other. It also helps to increase the reach of the game, as players can invite their friends to play and share their experiences with others. By providing these social features, Facebook helps game developers foster a sense of community around their game and drive growth and engagement.

Measurement for game developers

3. Players are interacting with the game and learning more about the games by integrating on tools and feature like app event. These events provide developers with valuable insights into player behavior and can be used to optimize the game and improve the player experience. By tracking and analyzing app events, developers can gain a deeper understanding of their players and make informed decisions about how to best serve their needs. This helps to increase player engagement and drive growth for the game. With the ability to gather and act on insights, Facebook empowers game developers to create better, more engaging games.

Live game streaming

It enables players to stream live their gameplay to engage players in a fun and powerful way.his creates a sense of community and fosters a strong connection between players, helping to drive engagement and retention. It also provides an opportunity for players to showcase their skills, share their experiences, and interact with others in real-time. By providing a platform for live game streaming, Facebook Gaming helps to create a dynamic and interactive gaming experience that is both fun and powerful. This helps to build a loyal player base and drive growth for the game.

Tools which will help you to set free games whenever your player wants to play

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