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Progressive web apps are contained by Microsoft store for packaging windows 10 but do not appear to contain links to actual online PWAs. Progressive web application load like web pages or website which offers the users working such as handling, offline, compelling notifications and accessing hardware devices traditionally which are available only to the native application. The progressive web application is a mixture of the flexibility of the web with the experience of native application the PWA directory has moderated the list that gives consent of searching by keywords or lighthouse score. Apps scope is a directory of hundreds of progressive web apps classified into groups and completed by the screenshot, PWAs feature, and lighthouse.

Progressive Web Apps Features


It built with progressive accentuation as a core tenet which works for unconditionally for every user of its browser choice.


It is applicable to all platforms like desktop, mobile, and tablets.


It favors the user to extend an implement the application they find most relevant to their home screen without any obstacle of an app store.


It is well-known as an associate application because to W3C manifest and service worker registration scope. Consent search engine to find it.

Connectivity Independent

It accentuates and develops offline work or low-quality network with a service worker.


Always up to now thanks to the service worker update process.

Why Aaryavarta Technologies

Aaryavarta Mobile Game Development Company is at the forefront of developing upcoming cutting edge mobility solution, right from the building the top enterprise mobility platform to add and discover new technologies and now because of it, we are breaking the hurdles and obstacle by being one of the most prominent providers of the progressive web application in the market.

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