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The world is shifting away from traditional lifestyles and toward digital ones, which has resulted in numerous changes in our daily lives. While we still value hard work, we recognize the advantages of working smartly through digitization and proper planning. To succeed in these changing environments, we need something to boost our mood, motivation, and morale. Playing games is a great way to accomplish this because it allows us to learn new things while also keeping us entertained. There are various types of mobile games that not only provide entertainment but also enhance our knowledge. In short, playing games can significantly improve our overall well-being. That is why it is critical to select a top mobile game development company capable of producing high-quality games that engage and inspire.

Our strategy incorporates game-based learning. This strategy aids us in overcoming the difficulties and barriers that frequently appear in our daily lives. Through this process, we gain the willpower and optimism needed to face these challenges and emerge victorious

Mobile games provide a pleasurable and instructive way to increase your knowledge of a variety of topics, including science, history, and geography. As a top mobile game development company, our team has the skills and expertise to realize your ideas and produce fun, interactive games. To guarantee seamless gameplay and technical compliance, we conduct extensive testing and quality control during the development process. Whether you want to create a straightforward, casual game or a sophisticated, immersive experience, we have the expertise to make it happen. We stand out as a top mobile game development company because of our commitment to quality, eye for detail, and enthusiasm for game creation.



Unity employs its own proprietary game engines, and it incorporates a camera feature for mobile game world navigation. It enables programming languages such as C# and Unityscript that bear similarities to its in-house language, JavaScript. Unity is a cross-platform tool extensively utilized on numerous platforms. Additionally, it has a thriving and engaged developer community, ensuring that resources and support for your project are readily available. Unity is a versatile and robust mobile game development tool, suitable for both experienced game developers and beginners.


Cocos2D is an open-source framework available to game developers, compatible with Android and iOS, and featuring a sprite-builder plugin. It offers a graphical design environment for prototyping and designing games. The software has a built-in physics engine that allows for features like collisions, gravity, and realistic physics simulations. With a thriving community of developers, Cocos2D offers access to extensive resources, tutorials, and support for your project.

Corona SDK

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is readily accessible on Windows and other operating systems, and it utilizes Lua as a scripting language. It's accustomed to developing free mobile games. It involves a search engine called OpenGL. Corona SDK comes with a scope of tools and features, including a graphics engine, animation tools, a physics engine, and a suite of plugins and add-ons that make it easy to add functionality and features to your game. Corona SDK also has a large community of developers and a robust support system, making it a popular choice for many mobile game developers.


Apple's exclusive 2D game development framework, Sprite Kit, is compatible with both Swift and Objective-C. With features like SKview and streamlined scene management, it offers developers a user-friendly environment. It supports sound and voice effects and allows custom code development. It is available on iOS, OS X, and Mac OS. It provides simplicity when adding functionality and features to your games thanks to full integration with other Apple technologies like Core Animation, Core Data, and Game Center. It is a flexible framework that can be used to make games in a variety of genres, such as platformers, puzzle games, and action games.

Mobile Game Development Services We Offer

Aaryavarta Technologies has an extensive range of service offerings in mobile game development. Our mobile game developers are experienced in working with all kinds of games. Our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality, engaging mobile games that deliver an exceptional player experience. Contact us to learn more about our mobile game development services. Our broad range of services includes:

Our Area Of Expertise

The area of expertise in mobile game development involves creating cross-platform mobile game applications. At Aaryavarta, we utilize primary and essential tools such as Unity3D and Cocos2DX. Our outstanding reputation in the game development sector stems from our ability to develop games for various platforms, including mobile, AR, VR, PC, desktop, and console. We provide a wide range of mobile game development tools and support for the latest technologies. Our portfolio includes games developed for Blackberry, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and tablet devices, among others.

Cross platform Development 100%
iOS Game Development 90%
Mobile AR games 75%
Unity3D Game Development 55%
Game Art Asset Creation 100%
Mobile Simulation Game 90%
Cocos2d X Game Development 100%
Android Game development 90%
Mobile VR games 75%
Mobile UI/UX Design 55%
HTML5 Game development 100%
Windows Game development 90%

Why Aaryavarta Technologies

Aaryavarta Technologies offers a game that can help you stay focused on your concepts and goals. We are a leading game development company in USA and India, having created numerous games for renowned companies worldwide. Our captivating graphics, elegant framework, and user-friendly design have helped clients from the USA and India unleash their creativity with exceptional mobile game development potential. Our commitment to delivering top-quality results is evident in our use of cutting-edge graphics, designs, and interfaces. We are dedicated to unlocking our clients' full potential, which is why we are known for providing exceptional mobile game development services.

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