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Web applications of level enterprises are developed with the use of frameworks which are popularly supported by Microsoft asp .net framework. Microsoft has maintained its elegance and reputation for providing intellectual and comprehensive enterprise level solution at several various applications and not just for In the depth of web application development, Microsoft has developed one style of technology known as ASP .net within the .net framework the .net surrounding and aura deals with numerous benefits like safety, storage, exemption handling and many more. It is a very good tool to developed a substantial website, web-based application , and development of dynamic web pages. It is one of the finest framework used for developing enterprise level web application just because of it is totally accessible on all the operating system platforms.

Benefits of Using ASP .NET

  • It demises the large lines of codes which are essential to design large web application.
  • This code can be utilized again in a .net platform and more other programming languages that interconnect with each other.
  • Asp .net application is secured with built-in windows authentication per-application configuration.
  • Asp .net is simple to implement with built-in configuration.
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