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UX stands for User Experience design and UI stands for User Interface Design. These both designs are disciplined and related to one another although they are very much different from their nature. UX design is little more analytical whereas UI design is additional visual or more closely associated with something like graph designs. Even though they both are similar in some ways but they use different tools, different way outs to solve the problem differently. User interface without User Experience is like a rolling page just simply thrown towards the canvas hoping that it looks smart. User Experience while not User Interface is like showing a book without its cover, hoping that it is easy to understand the purpose. User Experience design is making something enjoyable and usable between the product whether it’s a phone or a tablet or a website right between that product and the user who uses it. The major role of a UX designer depends on Content and Strategy. Content is the king on the web and strategy is how that content is a placed at the right place on a website.

Why Aaryavarta Technologies

Aaryavarta is one of the leading UI/UX Designing Company in India making applications related to the website and attractive games. Client’s accentuation commitment is the keys intentions of UI/UX designers. As UI designers we assure the best interaction with games without any obstacles or barrier and as UX designer we assure to those interactions are very easy to handle and work on it without any hurdles or difficulties. We provide our users with the best services in designing which attracts the people easily and also make it catchier to increase more engagements that’s helps our user to turn out to be our potential users. We have made a plethora of games on HTML5, 2D/3D game.

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