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React is a web development and JavaScript library for creating web elements using HTML and subset of JavaScript known as JSX. It is handled by Facebook and a group of individual developers and organization. Unlike Angular, React is a component development library. React can be used as a foundation in the building of a single page of the mobile application. It is user-friendly for developers who compile their own application platform from the best of API.

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React JS Features

col-lg-6 One way data binding with props

Properties are transferred to an element from the initial element. Elements received props as an individual set of essential values (a JavaScript object). One may wonder why he should go for React another one maybe working HTML for a webpage with the support of Angular, Ember, knockout to get the spontaneous functionality

col-lg-6 Architecture beyond HTML

The primary architecture of React implements across rendering HTML in the browser. For Example, Facebook has a dynamic chart that renders to tags; Netflix and Paypal used global loading to render recognizable HTML on both server and client.

col-lg-6 JSX

JSX (JavaScript XML) is an augmentation to the JavaScript language syntax. It also resembles the appearance of HTML. JSX provide a way to design elements rendering using syntax which is friendly to many developers. JSX is written typically to React components all though they don’t have to be. JSX resemble another augmentation created by Facebook for PHP, XHP.