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Want to form a game that works on multiple platforms a brief amount of your time, is efficient, has good rendering abilities and can be simply developed ? Then Unity3D is that the platform that you need to consider. At Aaryavarta technologies, our team of professionally licensed Unity3D game developers has created a variety of impressive games, simulation apps, AR and VR experiences. We employ some of the best talents in the industry to provide robust development for high-quality games and apps.

Android Application Development Services We Offer

We have a team of fantastic designers and developer specialized in developing games for the iOS platform using popular game engines. We have we've in-depth expertise in using tools and technologies to build games that support cross-platform.

Multi-platform Support

Among the Best Mobile Game Development engines , we find Unity – a cross-platform tool launched by Unity Technologies. It works more productively, and connect with millions of users across multiple platforms. Supported Platforms : iOS , Android , Windows Phone , Tizen OS , Fire OS.

VR & AR Solutions

VR is anticipated to exceed the tv business in the next 10 years. The significance of these technologies doesn't stop here as AR is anticipated to exceed the VR business. It adds a great factor to your business presence and delivers your clients with the best experience out of it.


An AI algorithm’s strength is its capacity to display complex frameworks. Another part of making games reasonable is making them look delightful. AI is the capacity to improve as a matter of fact, without being explicitly programmed.


We have expert developers in the latest technologies. For web and app development, we use Swift-Xcode, Kotlin-Android Studio, PhoneGap for cross-platform apps, Node JS, Angular JS. we are using the following engines for game development such as Unity, Unreal, Cocos2dx, libgdx , Corona , etc.we have to develop the incidental number of applications for different enterprises utilizing AI in various jobs.

Rendering - Ability

In the last few years we've seen immense enhancements within the performance of mobile system-on-a-chip styles, with gains spanning the CPU,GPU & DDR memory system. These enhancements build it finally doable to start out treating high-end mobile phones as a target for the categories of graphics algorithms which might have antecedently solely been doable on games consoles and computer platforms.

Support & Maintenance

AI is especially profitable to gaming, in light of the fact that gaming knowledge is remarkably reliant on quality. AI originally responded in an exceptionally high contrast way. Computer based intelligence and AI aid expectation or recommendations dependent on information gathered by the framework. AI is exceedingly proficient in information handling at exceptionally high speeds.

Our Area Of Expertise

We are expertise in bellow skills for mobile game development

Cross platform Development 100%
iOS Game Development 90%
Mobile AR games 75%
Unity3D Game Development 55%
Game Art Asset Creation 100%
Mobile Simulation Game 90%
Cocos2d X Game Development 100%
Android Game development 90%
Mobile VR games 75%
Mobile UI/UX Design 55%
HTML5 Game development 100%
Windows Game development 90%

Why Aaryavarta Technologies

One-Stop-Shop for all mobile game development service needs to get your dream into reality. The studio was incepted 6 year-ago as a game development service provider for iOS and Android with finger count people and now are close to 150+ members team.

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